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Stay Hard

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  1. Dog Dog Camel  
  2. T.E. Lawrence  
  3. Out of Every  
  4. Predator  
  5. Bengal Tiger  
  6. Call off your Buffalo  

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06.26 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle

07.07 Chicago, IL - South Union Arts

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David McDonnell
Keyboard, Sax, Bass, Electronics
Dylan Ryan
Drums, Keyboards, Electronics

High-flying super-duo Michael Columbia unleashes “Stay Hard,” and takes their unique brand of cosmos-charged party times to new heights.

Experimental-Rock vets via Chicago, Philly, and Athens, the duo of David McDonnell [Bablicon (Misra), Need New Body (File 13)], and Dylan Ryan [Icy Demons (Cloud), Orso (Perishable)] fashion a stylized synthesis of psychedelic drone, searing saxophone, and heavy beats that recall the efforts of Hawkwind and Faust, layering electronics, rhythm, and melody under the watchful eyes of Syd Barrett and Miles Davis. It’s as though one minute you’re flying through the future to the soundtrack of Bladerunner, the next you’re riding shotgun with Gene Hackman, it’s 1974, and he’s just commandeered your vehicle.

Can Halen, suckers!



These are Colored Bars, 2004

Alabaster/Galapagos 4

  1. Mouse  
  2. Duress  
  3. Baseball Museum
  4. Hobart
  5. Mr. Bulgia
  6. Thank You Jeremy
  7. Unknown Shape  
  8. Special Export
  9. Martian Song
  10. Buzz Aldrin

Recorded at Shape Shoppe, June 2004
Engineered and mixed by Griffin Rodriguez
Artwork by Sayre Gomez
Mastered by Derek Almsted


Michael Columbia, 2002


  1. Prelude of the Steps
  2. Coffee
  3. Future Detective
  4. Hot Alien Girl
  5. Least Heat Moon
  6. Marathon Guy
  7. Emergence
  8. Rabbit Avalanche
  9. Ottummwa
  10. Ocular Scan
  11. Imaginary Beasts

Recorded at the Shape Shoppe, April 2002
Engineered by Griffin Rodriguez
Mixed and produced by Butchy Fuego
Artwork by Butchy Fuego
Mastered by Derek Almsted


Fanatic Promotion

Noise Problem Booking